We have all see challenges with Covid-19 in our lives and across the country. I hope you and your family have experienced as minimal impact as possible and we all return to "normal" as quickly as safely possible. 

I am continually asked, even more than normal, hows the market with all this going on. That said we've seen some ups, downs, stops, holds, and even opportunities but over all there was a pause I'll call it. A good indicator of this is showing request on active listed properties. As you'll see we clearly had a large decrease in that activity! However You will also notice the string return and trend to "getting back to normal" if you will. The market and showings are seeing lots of positive in our area and there is a feeling things are heading in the right direction. I think so as well!

The chart below will give you an idea of where we were to where we are regarding showings. Take a look and if you were thinking of selling no could be a good time to get on or back on the market! If you were watching a favorite property likely others are as well so let's go see it. 

If I can help you with either a selling or buying real estate goal please reach out and let's discuss your needs. 

Real Estate Showings